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Roma, live @ Init 01/12/2010, ingr. 15 euro

 | pall youhideme
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Oh dear, it is almost two years since Clinic have played live last time in Rome, - same location, that is Init, this time to present their latest album Bubblegum, released by Domino rec last October.
But unfortunately they arrived late at the venue, after 11 PM, they got a 40 minutes sound-check while the concert hall was gradually filling up with people, they just tested percussions, plugs, instruments and mics, - not even the time to play one song, they disappeared behind the backstage to wear their well-known surgical masks and a sort of Hawaiian shirts.. or almost peruvian, actually at a first sight.. I would be curious to visit their wardrobe. Anyway, for the indoor shows, they have hospital scrubs usually, not this time, that's a news?
Two Vox AC30 for guitar amplifiers, drums with a percussion pad connected, vintage organ and modern laptop, bass, - Ade Blackburn plays an Epihone SG Special 1995, Brian Campbell a vintage Fender Jazz Bass, and Jonathan Hartley a vintage 1967 Fender Coronado. Am I right? Vintage is the keyword. I like to discover this kind of backline specifics, doubtless, the right instruments are often the key of a peculiar sound that a band looks for.
Anyway, a quick hello, nice to be here again, and they start exactly with Bubblegum, - an overdose of wah-wah pedals, and in a few minutes, Ade breaks a guitar string that he absolutely does not care to change for all the whole concert.
Only six tracks from the new album, so, Lion tamer, Milk & honey, Baby, Evelyn, Orangutan, then, from DO IT!: Memories, Shopping Bag; from Visitations: Harvest, Children of Kellogg; from Walking with Thee: s/t, Welcome; from Internal Wrangler: s/t, T.K., Distortions, The Return of Evil Bill.
Plus (feat. on 3 EPS) IPC, Monkey on your Back, and Bubblegum's 7" bside Gentle Lady. The order, see below, on the first photo I took.
People dance, sing the lyrics, one guy close to me, totally drunk, spasmodically dances off and yells to them 'I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR ONE HOUR AND A HALF', and that's happens when you wait for so long, you get drunk until you are totally wasted, and you use your last energies to dance with Clinic. I had to drive, I didn't drink.
Clinic's fellows have all the time to jump from one horse to another of the same carousel: once Ade plays guitar, once organ, then he blows into a hand-held melodica and Brian switches from bass to organ, and then it is Jonathan's turn to play it, while Carl Turney is beating a drum pad.
My favorite moments: Distortions, - it always gives me the shivers, - the soft new track Milk & Honey is simply seducing, and of course their amazing Internal Wrangler, Harvest, the caustic Return of Evil Bill, and Walking With Thee (performed faster than the original version), the bouncy tempo of Welcome.
This is the second time I see them live, I can def. say they run on the fuzz-coordinates of The Velvet Underground and a motown version of Suicide. No idea if that makes any sense for you too.
The show ends precisely at 1 AM, I ran to see what I could buy, but unfortunately they did not even have time to set the table with records and merchandise. It was too late, I don't know if they did it later, - in a few hours I would have had to wake up to go at work, I ran back home.

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