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Scout Niblett

Roma, live @ Init 21/11/10 euri 10

 | pall youhideme
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It was years I was waiting to see Scout Niblett live performing in Rome. And here She comes.
When I got to the venue, there are Scout and her drummer outside the door, - She looked like She had been out in the rain until that, dressing the life-jacket She was pictured with on Kidnapped By Neptune's cover (2005, Too Pure rec).
Maybe not the same life-jacket, who can tell, btw, if fans usually like to dress like their favourites, it would be fun to see boys and girls dressed like her, or an entire movement of life-jacket people.. next time, maybe, fashion world is not ready for that, yet.
Anyway, about 80 people in the concert hall, Scout grabs a bottle of red wine, jumps on stage and later starts tuning Her mustang guitar, - so the first song, solo performed, a version of Miss My Lion, sharply interrupted with a 'ok that's it'. We laugh. And claps. Later She asks if people have questions, any requests. Some demanded her to play drums, and she'll do, after a couple of tracks, performing Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death mixed with Michael Jackson's We are the world, inviting the audience to join her singing along.
I think Scout sounds a special creature illuminated by Nirvana's unplugged and fuzz-filled sessions and Bjork, - a creature howling to the Moon (as She said last night, she was acting a bit crazy between songs because of the full moon), a young girl (class 1973, actually) with a special gift, able of kidding, rotating on the drum stool and kicking everyone's ass. I guess she's been of inspiration for a lot of girls last night.
Her drummer, - sorry, I can't remember his name, - also played guitar on Black Hearted Queen. Loads of adrenaline. More love with Hot to death, Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death, Calcination, Cherry Cheek Bomb (hallelujah, Scout, hallelujah), Kiss (totally moving), Your Last Chariot, Let Thine Heart Be Warmed.
No encore, lots of records sold, and just one prayer: next time you scream to the mic, Scout, please, one step back, You broke my ears. With love.

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