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Live @ Circolo degli artisti, Roma, June 4th 2010, 25 euro

 | pall youhideme
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It's two decades I keep listening to Motorpsycho and I still buy their releases. One more time, this should mean something to You. And ok, to be frank, I am more devoted to their early records and EPs till It's a Love Cult, than last three/four studio records, - so when last night the three best known citizens of Trondheim performed Feel and subsequently Trapdoor - originally from my favorite of Theirs, Timothy's Monster, 1994, - I felt glad to be there, as well when They pop up  to the end of the first set with Vortex Surfer (from Trust Us, 1998), - fully chatartic, and totally unexpected for me, - or from Blissard (1995) S.T.G. and Manmower, - although Bent Sæther sounded now and there somewhat vocally out of tune, - who cares..
More good moments, - the opening track, All is Loneliness (from Demon Box, 1993) - where Bent doesn't wait a moment to say to the audience sing it!, - Pills, Powders and Passion Plays, - and here we go with a more detailed tracklist (with some help from Motorpsycho - forum):

1. All is Loneliness
2. Pills, Powders and Passion Plays
3. The Bomb-Proof Roll And Beyond
4. S.T.G.
5. Manmower
6. Feel
7. Trapdoor
8. Shrug & fistful
9. X3
10. Mad Sun
11. Starhammer
12. Whole Lotta Diana
13. Vortex Surfer
14. The Other Other Fool (Cherry Red Rose)
15. Mountain
\second econre\
16. Come on in.

I remember they performed also W.B.A.T., - but maybe I'm wrong. - The venue was fully crowded, - You could hardly breath, - Motorpsycho have got a solid fanbase downhere, - lots of people sung along the lyrics, - asking here and there for this or that song. - Personally, I just put my reserve on tracks like The Other Other Fool (Cherry Red Rose) - too much ZZ Top-ish for me.. actually Snah looks like the missing beared connection among these two bands, - sort of "jesus cristo ma nel periodo migliore proprio, tipo quando cammina sulle acque (walking on the water, appunto)" (cfr. Smartz rec).
Snah (also playing moog) and Bent looked really having fun, - the new drummer Kenneth is doubtless a skilled musician, - maybe not creative as Gebhardt, - but let me know where I should sign the form to play percussions like him..
So, Motorpsycho are still the right choice to go out in the evening.
I did not take any picture or video, I simply enjoyed the show, - anyway, it was full of cameras and people filming, - so, check out youtube in next days if You want to see some live footage.
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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