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You Cannot Hold DIY - It Is An Adjective

(19tx CD, Ouzel rec 2002)

 | pall youhideme
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Direi ben riuscita questa compilation della nostrana Ouzel rec, 19 gruppi su cd, italiani e non, confezione in cartoncino, su musiche lo-fi folk, indie rock noise, experimental. Figurano come gruppo civetta i June of '44 con un pezzo inedito (Modern Hereditary Dance Steps) live registrato a radio sidney, che dovrebbe fare gola ai collezionisti; altri nomi misconosciuti: Lo-fi Sucks! (leggi i concerti) con He Played Steve Shelley's Kit demo version (carini ma senz'anima? Presenti anche con un side project, Cary Quant), i Prague (leggi koma#9) con la triste ballad inedita 2 Sisters, Minmae (timidi isolazionisti [commento accazzo da recensore, isn't it? Sul sito è pieno di loro mp3), ONQ (leggi koma#9) con l'inedita Pole Station, gli Azucena con una free caotica El Cuervo (trovate la vers. demo sul sito). Poi Darryl Leigh Blood con un bel pezzo folk alla Royal City, i Milaus (tedeschi) che hanno un bel finale da filastrocca, e ancora altri. Leggete la track-list completa o come ordinarla qui. //I'd state this compilation cd released by local Ouzel rec is well done: 19 bands, italians but not only, digipack packaged, on lo-fi folk, indie noise rock, experimental sonorities. To catch Your attention, You find June of '44 with an unedit song (Modern Hereditary Dance Steps), recorded live at Sidney Radio; other mis-unknown names (probably more here that where You live): Lo-fi Sucks! with He Played Steve Shelley's Kit demo version (nice, but soul-less? - They partecipate here also with a side-project called Cary Quant), the Prague (read koma#9) with an unreleased sad ballad called 2 Sisters, Minmae (shy isolationits [i know You're wondering what the hell i'm saying], their website is full of free mp3's), ONQ (read koma#9), Azucena with a caothic free El Cuervo (free mp3's here). Then Darryl Leigh Blood with a nice song in Royal City-ish style, Milaus with a fast pleasant lullaby, - and many others. Read the whole track-list and how order it here.
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