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interview w/ Andy Saks

 | pall youhideme
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Sway - interview w/ Andy Saks | Interview

Please Andy, fill the form below:

Age: 25. Sway has been together since 2000.
Residence: Ojai/Ventura, California USA (near Los Angeles)
Occupation: Pending. :)
Music I Like: We like early 90's britpop stuff, Pet Shop Boys, Smiths, Cure, Cocteau Twins, U2, Pale Saints.....Pavement!
Favorite phrase: "Sorry"
That's why i play Music: To keep from going crazy.
That's why i play in a Band: So I can have something to lose sleep over.
That's why i hate other Sway's members [joking ^_^]: See above question, just kidding! :) I love my bandmates.
Strange things I use to do: Make homemade hip-hop videos.
A bizzarre phone-call I received: This guy called up and just made breathing noises when I picked up the phone. I asked him if he played guitar, he said yes, and then Vince joined the band.
I'm still waiting for: George Lucas to call me back to audition for Star Wars Episode III.
Fill the blanks
: Please [_Baby_], give me back my [_Shit_]
Last time i felt an alien [if it's happened!]: I'm still waiting!
Last time i felt really really good [if it's happened!]: One word, Vicodin.


k: hey, today I was in train, listening to Your ep with my walkman, - and i was just wondering if i was the only italian owning Your cd.. Andy: Actually we have quite a few people listening to Sway in Italia. Out of all the Euro countries, I would say Italy has the largest group of Sway friends/fans. k: Is Sadness Happyness, or Happyness is sadness? Andy: Sometimes I'm not sure which is which. k: Do You really like the Pet Shop Boys? I can't believe.. Andy: I love the PSB! Favourite song: "Being Boring". k: You mentioned about new recordings for a full lenght, and also that You don't know on what label yet, - and reading that, You let me think like You meant You received more proposals, - is that right? What about new songs? - for example i think Channel is enough 'different' from all other songs on Your Ep. Andy: We have a few different labels inquiring about the band, and our plans for future releases. We havent decided as of yet what our long term plan for choosing a label is. The new songs we're currently tracking are in the same style as "Channel", as well as a few shoegazer-ish type pop things. k: What's Your most philosophical opinion about the genesis of a song, - where does it come from? Andy: Many different places. Ideas I get while driving, singing in the shower, listening to other music, watching movies... It's almost as if the song already exists somewhere and you just have to help it materialize so that other people can hear it. Its very mysterious. k: Does karma really have wings? [on Becoming He sings 'and when i die/ when i'll really be there/ will the wings of my karma/ take somewhere else (..)'] Andy: Hard to know until we die. k: Who were You in Your former life? Andy: This girl did some kind of Ouiji thing one time and the spirits told her I was a traveling bluesman. k: 8. Who will You be in Your next life? (!) Andy: A cat. What better life could there be? k: Do You think Britney Spear is sexy? I use to think she's got more testosterone in her voice than me. Andy: Not especially sexy. Maybe the person who shows her how to dance, writes her songs, and shows her how to lip sync on stage is good looking. We'll never know. k: - Do Sway have some local following? Any kindred music scene supporting there? How are Your live-shows? Andy: We have a decent local following, but people in our area our very jaded musically and generally non-interested. Live we come off very mellow, and most people here want high-energy rock. Something to keep them awake while they drink themselves into a stupor. The people that understand what we do are very supportive thankfully. There are a few good bands here, Psycho Cafe, Army of Freshman, American Cheese Band, but none of them share much in common stylistically with us though. There arent any venues in our town, so mostly we play Los Angeles and consider that "local" even though we are from Ventura, California. k: To close, how can people get Your cd (especially if They cannot access to internet)? Andy: Write to us. We'll put you on our mailinglist and keep you informed as often as possible.

PO Box 567
Ventura, CA 93002
If you do have the internet, is always there and will be getting a long awaited overhaul. Its criminal that we have taken so long to update the site the way we've been saying we would. :)


Amber Carlson - Voices, Bass, Effects
Andy Saks - Voices, Guitar, Effects, Programming
Seth Eubanks - Percussion, Piano, Programming
Vince Alatorre - Guitar, Effects


Mp3s on

Interview appeared on komakino#1o, march 'o2, by(e) paolo miceli

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