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CRWTH (Chorus Redux)

(14+3tx CD, 87'30'' - Line rec 2010)

 | pall youhideme
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''The CRWTH (Chorus Redux) cd contains a special coupon for a free download of CHORUS + 3 (LINE_043b), the full original 14-track CHORUS release plus 3 additional new reworks.''

I would be ready to bet that mr. Cortez been in Heaven, learnt how to make ecstatic bliss-out Music, then He kidnapped an angel (Melissa Arpin-Duimstra), and then started recording His albums: here it is Chorus, a couple of years ago, - remastered last Fall, - now re-released by Line rec.
Tracks like Vrhhu, Laujl Vfx, Rhvr, not only They are sung in the unintelligible seraphic glossolalia, but they are the purest and harmonic form of glossolia Music, à mon avis.
Recorded on analog tape, Scott and Melissa made a Lovesliescrushing album abandoning Their typical (prepared) guitar-driven trademark (there are just a few in comparison with Their former records) and just used Her voices, filtered and shaped for what they merely are: pure sound. Sound able to breath.
A decostructing processing turning everything into a series of minimal celestial compositions, - a precise spiritual writing that drives You into a permanent hypnosis.. Nauv is the sound-experience of abandoning Your body through an astral dream. Like if Seefeel and Fennesz woke up suddenly at night and discovered They had had the same dream about Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine dreaming of Lovesliescrushing.
Flrm is about dying and be reincarnated as an innocent baby or a humpback whale (You can hear the hisses here and there the track).
Viaux is the vehicle for the ascension. I found this record highly pedagogical, besides being hypnagogic.
And Ethereal has got a new synonymous, Lovesliescrushing.

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