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Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory

Mudpuddle Park | Wy' East Can't Sleep | Super 8 Soundtrack

(k7's, Best Kept Secret 2002)

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Best Kept Secret, tape label from Vicenza, italy, proposes us 3 releases for Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory. Mudpuddle Park is an album full of influences from 6o's, with stronge suspects of early R.E.M., Pink Floyd of Barrett's age, besides being the tape i prefer of Theirs. Honestly, it was since a long long time i didn't cross songs made like these ones, - it seemed that everybody had forgot lessions of 8o's psychedelic revival, - but Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory didn't. GREAT! With songs from Wy' East Can't Sleep and Super 8 Soundtrack They take a distance from Stipe's band route, and They sound more and more skilled creators of certain lysergical as well as soft atmospheres, thanks to a range of impressive ballads. Songs are immersed in suggestive space scenographies, full of interstellar reverbs, but also well chained with a song-writer formula. Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory are some amazing creative calligraphists (They remind me a bit of our local loved Jenniffer Gentle, after a psychiatric/mental treatment). Put Your hands on Mudpuddle Park (as regards me, it's got best numbers). // Mp3s on


La Best Kept Secret, tape label di Vicenza, ci propone tre uscite per i Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory. Mudpuddle Park è un album pieno di influenze 60's con forti sospetti di primi R.E.M. e Pink Floyd del periodo Barrett, oltre ad essere il loro nastro che preferisco. Onestamente era da un bel pezzo che non ascoltavo canzoni fatte in queste modo, sembrava tutti si fossero dimenticati la lezione del revival psichedelico anni '80, i Sauvie Island Moon Rocket Factory pare di no, bravi! Le canzoni di Wy' East Can't Sleep e Super 8 Soundtrack li allontanano dalle rotte della banda Stipe e ce li presentano sempre più quali abili ricreatori di certe atmosfere lisergiche e morbide, grazie ad una serie di ballate d'effetto. I brani sono immersi in suggestive scenografie spaziali, piene di reverberi interstellari, ma anche saldamente ancorate alla forma cantautorale. I SIMRF sono degli straordinari calligrafisti creativi (tra l'altro sembrano un po' i nostri grandi Jenniffer Gentle [leggi intervista su koma] dopo la cura psichiatrica). Procuratevi soprattutto Mudpuddle Park (che secondo me ha dei gran bei numeri). // Mp3 su
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