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The waters deep here

Questa l'ultima intervista che faccio nella mia vita

 | federico immigrato e rifugiato
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Fino a non più di una quindicina di anni fa, per cercare i propri gruppi preferiti bisognava sicuramente farsi un gran culo. Dopo essersi studiati in modo approfondito una lista di recensioni affidabili su Rumore o Metal Shock, se non si aveva la fortuna di sentir passare qualcosa di quegli album su radio rock o radio onda rossa il sabato si andava dall'altra parte di roma a vedere se mai si trovava qualcosa da disfunzioni ('disfunzioni musicali', fu negozio di dischi di Romacapoccia, ndpall) ed eventualmente far partire la trafila dell'ordine.
Dopo un mese era possibile che ti chiamassero a casa (rispondeva sempre mia nonna quando non c'ero) per avvertirti se il cd arrivava o era disperso.
Non era escluso che dopo tutta questa fatica il gruppo facesse cagare.
Dopo tutti questi anni molto è cambiato. La cosa più stravolgente è che è anche possibile che gruppi della madonna ti chiedano fortuitamente l'add su myspace. A noi è capitato con i grandissimi Water Deep Here, un terzetto semplicemente fantastico.
Per quello che mi riguarda potrei aver rinunciato a 15 anni di ordini da disfunzioni. Molto semplicemente sono la somma perfetta di centinaia di gruppi che ho amato, dai Kyuss ai Neurosis, da John Fahey alle colonne sonore di David Lynch o Antonioni.
Li stiamo ascoltando nei giorni in cui siamo in attesa della venuta a roma degli immensi Om, il gruppo più mistico dell'universo.
Accendiamo gli incensi e spegniamo la radio.



komakino: Super bia is an amazing and sublime song. Where did you find the secrete to write a perfect masterpiece like this?
Water Deep Here | Zachary Kim Alvey: Well first off thank you very much for the comment. I can't really explain my process of writing. I basically sit down and just let my mind and heart take over, i'm sure from the music i was inspired by helped mold my writing process of course.

komakino: We love the so-called neuro core scene (with band as Pelican and Neurosis), but also something more involved in desertic sound like Friend of Dean Martinez, Kyuss and John Fahey. Do you like this kind of music? David Lynch has called you to compose his next soundtrack?
Water Deep Here: I love Neurosis. They are one of the greatest bands of all time in my opinion, but i'm not really huge on the scene they created though we are probably considered a part of that scene. I do like a few bands from that scene of course but my roots are not from there... ah ha i wish David Lynch wanted us to write his next soundtrack. I'm still waiting for that call

komakino: It's very hard to find information about you. That's coherent with your mysterious sound but is ungenerous for us. Could you tell something about your bio and your discography?
Water Deep Here: Well the reason we dont have alot of info about us is because we are all three way different in all aspects of life (music politics religion etc) so we dont really agree on anything but our music so to not offend eachother we just leave it to the music but i like that idea anyway cause its really all about the music though i can tell you we only have one album "sunden" it was released on july 7 2009

komakino: You are suspending your live shows for a while. Are you recording new stuff maybe?
Water Deep Here: Yes we are working on our new album it is going to be a double album it is going to be a concept album of sorts and i'm pretty excited about it

komakino: In Europe, or better in italy, we know almost everything about the social life in New York or Los angeles but virtually nothing about the rest of united states. how it is growing up in Salt lake city?
Water Deep Here: Wow that's interesting Los angeles is the most fake place in the usa
um salt lake is a pretty place mountains close by its a clean town and real cozy it is the homegrowds for the mormon church so alot of people think its very religious like the vatican city or some shit but in reality its quite diverse and chill i like it here though i actually want to move to italy i have heard good things plus hacride is from there and im a huge fan

komakino: would you recommend some good band of your scene?
Water Deep Here: mmhmm well in salt lake my opinion on good bands would be like aeon ghosts, under radar, the rotten musicians, dulce sky, thunderfist, the utah county swillers, iota, glacial, the purr bats, fews and two, the heaviest cat, just to name a few

komakino: Your sound is very 'cinematographic', what is your favorite movie soundtrack?
Water Deep Here: "once upon a time in the west" its amazing the thought that went into the music for that film its genius

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