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Emery Reel

...For and Acted Upon Through Diversions

(7x cd, 5o'22' - FirstFlight rec 'o3)

 | pall youhideme
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Innanzitutto è un piacere per gli occhi: supporto in cartoncino, confezionato a mano, con un inserto nella copertina di una foto stampata su carta trasparente; un gioco di luci notturne davvero affascinante. Da Nashville, Loro sono a metà tra onirismo dreampop (chitarre bistrattate e lasciate andare bruciando nell'eco (senti l'apertura di They Cohercing Ideas into the Mind)), e ambient alla Godspeed You Black Empereor! o Charles Atlas. Toni mesti, improvvisamente timidi, e poi di nuovo improvvisamente coraggiosi (cioè l'anima di A New Beginning), ninnananne (Departure of Hope) che guidano in sonni disturbati. E' l'intensità dell'ispirazione. Cd a soli 1o$.. metteteVi in contatto, o intanto scaricateVi His Hammer is my Axe.


 First of all, it's a pleasure for the eye: digipack, patiently hand-assembled, package with a trasparency photo insert, a beautiful picture, enchanting with nocturnal lights and colours. From Nashville, They are at middle between dreampop oneirism (multilayered guitars, left burning through delay efx (like on They Cohercing Ideas into the Mind), or ambient Music related to Godspeed You Black Empereor! or Charles Atlas. Sad atmospheres, suddenly innermost and shy, and once more suddenly gorgeous (that is, the soul of A New Beginning), lullabies (Departure of Hope), leading the listener in a strange disturbed rest. Intensity of inspiration. -- Cd at only 1o$, so get in touch, or in the meanwhile download His Hammer is my Axe.
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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