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Philip Eno

Argento + Phase 1

(6tx cd, 33'31'' - A cactus killer prod. 'o3) + (11tx cd, 45'57'' - A cactus killer prod. 'o2)

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Ok, in english as in italian, probably Their name sounds really funny.. Lito and Nerissa Vales, two hearts in NY, in Life and Art, beside being appeared on komakino several times with Uncletoe's Portasound, since a couple of years They run a parallel project, deeply rooted into dark Music, with a special electro vein, Music that would lose nothing in comparison with some names of Projekt's catalogue, or some obscure-oriented european label. On Phase 1 Their creature has got still something sour (anyway with well done as well as strange versions of Bowie (Quicksand) and (that's logic..) Brian Eno (On Some Faraway Beach)), giving some more new wave colours to songs previously featured with Uncletoe, as Sea and Untitled 1978, sparkling on ambient Sinking and Daphne. But my attention is especially captured on 'phase 2', that is long ep Argento, dedicated to our local 'horrible' director Dario Argento, where Lito, putting his hands on instruments as synth and sequencer, beside beloved acid guitars, produces with obsessed care 6 pieces of brighter electronic Music, envelopping an excellent sound à la Factory / New Order (title trk, two suite of ten minutes and more together), - recalling also best things of Front 242 e Kraftwerk. Sound made original and fresh (listen to wakes of flyng guitars of ..The Window), - great work with drummachines too, - and then Nerissa's voice, pure and soft, fitting elegant. - You can hear some audio samples on, and order Your copy too.


Ok, in italiano, forse anche in inglese, il nome suona troppo divertente (signola non c'è!).. Lito e Nerissa Vales, due cuori & 'na capanna a New York, in Arte e Vita, oltre ai già + volte lodati su koma Uncletoe's Portasound, hanno da tempo anche un secondo progetto, profondamente radicato nel dark su vena electro, Musique che non sfigurerebbe affatto su catalogo Projekt o qualche etichetta oscura crucca_europea. Su Phase 1 la Loro creatura ancora ha qualcosa di acerbo (spiccando cmq con cover di Bowie (Quicksand) e (chiaramente..) Brian Eno (On Some Faraway Beach)), danno pieghe + new wave a versioni pre-Uncletoe di Sea e Untitled 1978, e brillano sull'ambient di Sinking e Daphne. Ma l'attenzione viene catturata dalla fase 2, cioè l'ep lungo Argento, dedicato al nostrano spaventevole director, dove Lito, mettendo mano a strumenti come synth e sequencer, oltre le consuete acide gtrs, produce con ossessionata cura 6 pezzi di luminosa eletronica, sviluppano un ottimo suono casa Factory / New Order (la title trk, due suite in 1o minuti e oltre), ricordando anche i migliori Front 242 e Kraftwerk. Suono reso proprio e fresco (senti le voluttuose scie della chitarra su ..The Window), - gran lavoro di drummachine, - poi la voce soft di Nerissa lega candida evitando qualsiasi ombra di fuoi tono del passato. Potete ascoltare diversi mp3 su, come anche ordinare il cd.
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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