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Fugues Unreleased Tracks 2009

(13tx CD, Fugues/debruit&desilence '09

 | pall youhideme
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Fugues is a collective from Paris, Debruit et Desilence is a record label.
I can say that the themes of fugue, bruit (noise) and silence, are actually the perfect role keys to understand the feeling of this compilation, - a release limited to 100 copies, seeing formerly unreleased tracks by the featured artists, a record digitally promoted.
Almost instrumental, minimal droning sounds and airy guitar buzzing, a few drums, it has room for excellent guests such as July Skies, with Kissing Under Willows (demo), - and i always thought that Antony Harding had taken the best from the guitar melancholy of Pygmalion and made it his own: then, His Kissing Under Willows is highly poignant, - brief and poignant.
One more shoegaze icon, Simon Scott, - mostly known for His glorious past in Slowdive - although not only: before that, He's been the amazing drummer for The Charlottes, and later, His projects Inner Sleeve, Televise, Sevault, added gold to His music creativity. The featured track Lure is an aural experience, multilayered, distant and luminous, like a lightning storm seen from far. - And if You skip from this track to Farewell, Stars, by Message to Bears, it's like quiet after storm: whistling birds, almost acoustic sounds, the Sun is shining again.
Then, Peter Broderick (also from Efterklang) & Nils Frahm: the first, forming a cloud of noisy vapours over the piano play of the latter, - tragic and perfect for a film score work where people fall in love, cry, die, cry and die again.
So it works for the duet nucleus of Rob Glover and Ben Holton, aka The Toy Library, with Once The Dust Settles: soreful chatartic.
One more cinematic experience's offered by Last Days, that is Graham Richardson, - a growing melody, elegant and such so sad: somehow it remembers of Múm's bliss.
One more delightful suite: Lightsway, electronic and shoegaze, a suffused interlude, suspended in the limbo of an evocative carpet of melodies.
I mean, i am usually a little sceptical about compilations, - but this is very well compiled, an excellent companion to get inspired - or like some say, - get depressed.

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