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Permanent Fatal Error

Law Speed

(11tx cd - 43'29'' Wallace rec 'o4)

 | pall youhideme
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Con a testa Olivier Manchion, fu bassista degli Ulan Bator, i Permanent Fatal Error, in quattro, sciorinano propensioni acustiche/analogiche/disturbate, - sorta di malinconica discesa e ribellione, nell'abbattimento e nell'avanguardia Musicale. Chiamiamole stilistiche krautrock (Nord), divagazioni jazz (B.side#2): c'è una continua manipolazione dei tempi, le voci sono degli strumenti lontani, usate sporadicamente, - la musica resta poco definibile - per quanto già sondata nei 7os e revival post_rock -, ed è lasciata libera a se stessa, come sulla poetica di B.side#3. Una serie di diapositive che fermano delle atmosfere, sapientemente evocative in una curata elaborazione.


Olivier Manchion's new project, bassist with french Ulan Bator, the Permanent Fatal Error, in four, spread out acoustic/analogic/disturbed tendencies, - sort of gloomy free-falls and riot, in losing heart and Music avant-gard. Let's talk about krautrock style (Nord), jazz digressions (B.side#2): there is a continous manipulation of times, voices are like instruments You hear coming from far, rarely used, - and the Music stays hardly classified, - even if these sounds pay a duty to 7o's and various post-rock revivals, - and it sets free with it-self, like on poetic B.side#3. Kind of a slides that fix some atmospheres, wisely evocative and richly produced.
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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