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Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

Through The Devil Softly

(12tx CD, 56'36'' - Nettwerk rec 'o9)

 | pall youhideme
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Long awaited second chapter for Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, about 8 years after that gem called Bavarian Fruit Bread.
I guess that if You were an mind-blowing drummer such it is Colm Ó Cíosóig, playing your own favorite Music since You were a teen, and, luck you, You also been a core member of a milestone Band such it is My Bloody Valentine, currently successfully on stage again after ages, still kicking ass everyone, - and then You found yourself in a new age of Your life in a (kinda new) amazing Band playing guitar with the company of a such perfect heavenly creature such it is Hope Sandoval, - WAIT, wait, - what the heck! that's not fair at all! Where's the devil? Where do i have to sign that deal to sell my soul and get this?
That's the point, Through The Devil Softly is an album about selling your soul softly, sensuously, musically, to Hope Sandoval.
No, okay, actually it's not.
Twelve slowcore resonating jewels, like twelve shining pendants hanging out from the ceiling of a dark room, reflecting the multicolour lights of a day coming to the end.
Carillion sounds (Sets The Blaze), acoustic instruments, mouth harmonica, piano, atmospheric and hypnotic, made heartbreaking and dreamy by Sandoval sweet vocals (Thinking Like That), gentle electric guitar riffs and airy cymbals like early morning waves on a desert beach (There's A Willow), - and then it comes Trouble. Because when You sell Your soul to the devil, You get troubles, like Devics with If You Forget Me: there are three jangly guitars playing, a background keyboard, drums, bass and Hope singing leading and backing vocals: You can grab Your beloved half and start dancing your last dance before the Devil comes back as a Blue Bird, - a perfect make-even-stones-crying song.
Fall Aside is psychedelia without drugs, - with a permanent drone calling Your inner senses, a banjo. Satellite sounds as recorded under a torrential rain with an old tape recorder. Sometimes i wonder if Hope Sandoval can tell funny jokes. I mean, this babe is made of Melancholy.
Sedative and narcotic, languid as it needs, - Through The Devil Softly will heal Your nerves and You'll say thanks.

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