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Sigur Rós

live in Rome, auditorium della musica, 25th july 2oo5

feat. Amiina

 | pall youhideme
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Sigur Ros
live in Rome, auditorium della musica, 25th july 2oo5, very lo-fi recordings by komakino (sorry, no enough time for mixing/eq), pics courtesy of friend Stefano De Giacometti.

track 1 (Glosoli) - 9'3o''
track 2 (Ny_Batter_) - 8'54''
track 3 (Svefn_G_Englar) - 1o'47''
track 4 (Saeglopur) - 8'o8''
track 5 (Hufupukar) - 9'12''
track 6 - 11'20
track 7 (Gong) - 12'26
track 8 - 7'19''
(unfortunately i couldnt record 5 songs left scheduled)

- An amazing experience, in Rome, a couple of days ago. 4 guys and 4 girls from Icelands, speaking a different alien language acme, - inhuman vocals from outerspace, playing a different harmony/Music. More than one hour of moans of Beauty, of soave, quietly marching through heavens of bliss-out and melody. Bow on guitars, xylophone, cathedral organs, flutes, apple ibook, bells, chimes, quartet of arcs (played by 4 girls/angels, also opening the night), collision of walls of sounds, while in Your mind it projects like a storm of open spaces crashing. No words between each songs, no presentation, just Music, just emotions, and greetings at the end of encores.

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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