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The Cramps

A Date with Elvis

(11 + 4bonus trx cd, 48'o3'' - Vegeance rec 'o1)

 | pall youhideme
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Originally released in '85, then re-issued by Mordarm rec in 2oo1 with some special extra-tracks like Get off the Road, theme from Z(!)-movie She Devil on Wheels, with Poison Ivy leading vocals, - personally i consider this record as one of most special between all The Cramps' ones, first because it sees Them as 3-piece Band, with Kristi Wallace (that is the Creature Poison Ivy) playing both guitars and bass, and joining Lux Interior at vocals on Kizmiaz (yeah pronunce it kiss-my-ass, an hippie-smelling tunefull 6o's parody song). Then there is lots of Her genius, as never again later in time, - i think. Second, it best englobes all 1950s-derived Lux' obsessed love for a zombified Elvis, His crude humor/lyrics, the low-fi culture, rockabilly and garage decadence, and the ever best answer to whatever impact Grease (the movie) could ever had on random people.. The Cramps were punk in a different personal way respect all the rest hanging around at those times. Pure alien, with a similar '77 riot attitude against the family-cult and 7o's disco, but pure alien. This album features voodoo hits like Cornfed Dames, majestically boogie (together with primal Chicken), - as well The Hot Pearl Snatch, (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed, obscene sexual explosions, - or Georgia Lee Brown, crazed rock'n'roll. - Poison Ivy pshycho/frenzies guitar style has got a unique fresh touch, - Her distorted rockabilly riffs best cover and enrich Lux vocals, rendering all visceral in a continuous excitement.

-› mp3s (unfortunately i didn't find anything from this record, so enjoy a couple of other pearls..):
[via deg-tcd]
a. fever (1980, from Songs the Lord Taught Us)
b. love me (1976 demo)
[via cryptones]
c. goo goo muck (1980, from Songs the Lord Taught Us)
d. naked girl falling down the stairs (1994, from Flamejob)
-› video (3o sec):
e. bikini girls with a machine gun (1990, from Stay Sick!)
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