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My Way My Love

w/ Buzzer P + KBN + Dispositivo per il lancio obliquo di una sferetta

Live Rome, 16th nov @ Locanda Atlantide, 5€

 | pall youhideme
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My Way My Love, Rome, 16th nov @ Locanda Atlantide, 5€. [trad. ita qui] - From Japan with Noise, Yukio Murata, Takeshi Owaki, and Dai Hiroe were in Rome past night. If You are an habitué to these komapages, You are not new to My Way My Love's droning guitar-driven Music (read komareviews + interview), to Their brilliant up-beat nervous schizophrenia and obsession for loops and distortion, touching poles as Sonic Youth and Enon. Before Their show, three local bands has opened: Dispositivo per il Lancio Obliquo di una Sferetta, KBN and Buzzer P.. Oh my godz, - must say!, pure mediocrity? maybe only KBN had something good to play, even if nothing new or charming; moreover, local (so-called) sound engeneer was probably deaf after years and years of deep purple, seen my ears were kind of bleeding because of intolerable amps volumes, and You couldn't even try to talk someone without screaming and screaming and SCREAMING - that frustrating. Dispositivo per il [..] played a 'thing' oriented to guitar chaos with demential spoken word (they invited My Way My Love to join them on stage for the last song, but it's been brief and sad), and Buzzer P., well, i cannot think of them seriously.. - ok, this is just a matter of taste, ok? - Btw, i couldnt enjoy the 'music', and i went and talking with Yukio, a very very nice guy, with a big gentle smile, but OF COURSE we couldn't hear us all that well, if not with some big difficulties, if not by repeating over and over what we both were trying to say.. and after first greetings he told me something like 'sorry, you must be patient, there are 3 bands before us' - omg, it was 11,3o pm, i must wake up at 7 am.. in the meanwhile Takeshi, bleach blonde head drummer, was sleeping on a sofa (i can't see how, seen the music mayem), and bassist Dai was at the merchandise bank selling tee shirts (- i'm sorry there wasn't a small sized one for me, dude!), bags and cds. - Around midnight, finally, it was japanoisers' time. Something suddenly has changed, i could feel there something higher than before - and this is not xenophiliac, but pure good sense.. sorry.. Yukio introduces the Band after some problems he had with cables, and then there's the first explosion, satured of distorted bass, guitar, and beaten hard drumming, - intro for Ovo. At best on Reykjavik 69, Sports, and drifting Captain with Dai and Takeshi backing vocals, - speeden up version, to conclude about 30 min show. I'm sorry it didn't last all that much, but i had fun indeed. I couldn't miss the gig.

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