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Pretty girls make graves

w/ The Gossip

Live 4th march 'o6, live @ Gaelic club, Sydney, Australia.

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Right a few hours earlier, i was in a recordstore watching The Gossip showcasing for about 30 people. So, let's double the dose, let's share the pleasure with lots of more kids, and here i am at the Gaelic club, waiting for more. Two locals opening, My Disco and Naked On The Vague, screaming new wave wannabies boy/girl the first, one-bassriff/one-song the latter, - nothing touched me, besides my ears hurted and i turned somewhat bored. Btw, the cool thing with live shows off italy, is that these things start in the early evening (read @ 8pm, while in italy headliners usually don't perform before 11pm, that is, when almost people arrived at the venue), so i was still wide awaken when The Gossip walked on stage. The tracklist went overall over latest full-lenght release Standing In The Way Of Control, featuring Fire With Fire, the fucking groovy Jealous Girls, the quiet romantic pause of Coal To Diamonds, Yr Mangled Heart, the almost disco-like Listen Up! and Keeping You Alive, besides, of course, the explosive title track, getting wilder on older tracks like Jasons Basement. The whole show is a great excuse for dancing and smiling, adrenalyzed by Beth Ditto warm soul voice, - while young girls kissed under the stage, lots of cameras flashed, and lots of beers passed hand by hand. About 30mins later, it was the time for Pretty Girls Make Graves, promoting the forthcoming release Elan Vital, due to next april. New tracks are good, but be sure it gave me the creeps overall when They blown up with Speakers Push The Air, Sad Girls Por Vida, Bring It On Golden Pond, More Sweet Soul, and i was trustly waiting for All Medicated Geniuses and Something Bigger, Something Brighter, to sing and scream out loud the lyrics. These kids have a good fanbase in Sydney, the audience was totally involved, even only a few have moshed (how sad!). 

¬live videos:
.The Gossip - Keeping You Alive [11mb, *.mov]
.The Gossip - Jasons Basement [7mb, *.mov]
.Pretty Girls Make Graves - More Sweet Soul [10mb, *.mov]
.Pretty Girls Make Graves - Something Bigger, Something Brighter [15,5mb, *.mov]

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