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Toy Shop

(10tx CD, 43'o3'' Black Candy rec 'o9)

 | pall youhideme
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"The word Metùo comes from an ancient greek word and embraces three different meaning: “to be out of it”, “full of inebriation” and “full of love”."

This album is a little jewel. Lenitive, soothing, intelligent, breathy electropop music, - all successfully performed by the core members "Giorgia Angiuli (laptop, acustic guitar, toys, keyboard, voice, smells) and Tommaso Bianchi (artistic production, director of Sonic Lab Studio)", from Italy, and french artist Amelie Labarthe at vocals, also making the cover art.
These guys have an amazing taste for melodies made of pulsing stereo beeps and bleeps, computer signals, low frequencies beats, minimal and ethereal as well enjoyable atmospheres, plus the lovable female vocals.
The opening track Fonometro gives You the artificial intelligence welcome message, to make You feel comfortable with their futuristic vision of a world made of tinkly sounds, prepared toys, midi keyboards and trascendental spacious patterns (Blum).
There's also a slight 80s retro-taste sometimes, - like if You listen to Subway, You can recognize an hint of early Depeche Mode's naive use of synthetizers, while Shell crumbs will make the happiness of Goldfrapp's fans.
A thoughtful work indeed, never redundant, - track#2 Fake Factory is a perfect example of why this album might gain massive listenings everywhere.
Metuo are excellent in spinning more playful songs (Toyshop), alternated to more relaxed parenthesis (Animal rainbows), perfectly matching with the dancefloor as well with your old couch to sit and read a book, something able to touch the surface of mainstream shore, but at the same time also fully deserving the attention of indie.

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 ginolatino writes:
really great album...great music ;-)
(10/05/2009 13:29:00 - ip: 87.6.1...)
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