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Wallace rec

nuovi arrivi

 | pall youhideme
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Wallace recTra gli ultimi arrivi in casa_komakino [poi da recensire meglio sul #9 di 10mbre], due uscite Wallace rec [altra etichetta indie mosca_bianca]: 1. Oxbow meet White Tornado, ovvero uno split cd con due e tre canzoni a testa e l'artwork cartoncino da 1oopt di Mirko Spino, -> i WT vicini talvolta a Jesus Lizard, ruvidi, acidi e sporchi, molto interessanti i tipi, - gli Oxbow [già-Swell, Whipping Boy] vicini a? Chitarre buzzzzing, o sweet giri di chitarra con sfondo da incubo di distorsione (Pannonica). Bella uscita. 2. - L'altro cd è Tracce Compilation, campionario di 13 Band in aurea indie-noiz, - finalmente mi ascolto gli One Dimensional Man, con Alalamina, e 'azzarola, spaccano, bella pure la voce; altri episodi interessanti: Cleft - belle le cariche che tirano sù -, Jinx - li avevo letti a volte in giro con gli Unsane, e se li erano scelti bene -, Keen Toy - sull'onda post-Albini. // Last cd's i got for a review on next komakino (out on december), two releases by italian indie label Wallace rec: 1. Oxbow meet White Tornado, that is a cd with two and three songs per Band, and a very cool art-work in cardboard by Mirko Spino, -> WT sometimes closed to Jesus Lizard, rough, acid and dirty, - very interesting fellows, - while Oxbow [members coming from Swell, Whipping Boy..] are closed to..?? hm? Anyway, buzzzzing gtrs or sweet riffs with distortion blowing up in the background (Pannonica), - i mean, - a good release indeed. 2. - The ladder cd is Tracce Compilation, that is a sampler with 13 Bands Wallace_based, in indie-noiz area, - finally i can take a listen to One Dimensional Man, well, this song makes You jump, a kick@ss song, beautiful the voice too -, Keen Toy - on a post-Albini wave, - Cleft - great loads -, Jinx - they have toured in italy with Unsane some years ago, - good choice! - Well, get in touch.
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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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