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Nora Keyes

w/ Madame P

live roma, 14 december @ sinister noise club, - 4€.

 | pall youhideme
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[traduzione in ita qui]

Black Forest / Black Sea and Fursaxa had to perform live too, but due to some technical problems with the van's engine, They couldn't be present for the show last night. - because of that, i saw several snob people who preferred to leave off rather than paying four miserable euros to enjoy the rest of the night with Madame P and Nora Keyes. Personally i was new to both the Girls, even if knew previous Madame P's experience as Allun. About Nora, i only read some quirky reviews on the net, but - never such so quirky as Her-self. Madame P's recalled to my memory LA haunting alchemist Dark Muse, - because of the use of multiple delay effect pedals, hand guided, able to build a solid wall of whispers, beats, vocal carpets, - a sound Artist more than a singer, even if on a couple of last tracks performed She turned Her loops on a experimental jazz plan. Madame P (Patrizia Oliva) has got a good voice. - When it's Nora time, i saw Her wearing a particular hat, that is, a long brown corn, or maybe something closer to a wood branch, half dressed as old vaudeville Artist. - She sits and plays a toy keyboard, set as organ, - the venue is pretty gloom, and there's just one small light clearing Her face, that suddenly turns into a evil grimace and She starts singing a bizzarre song with witch voice.. oh gods! i couldn't resist but laughing, especially when a (stupid!) Dear Friend Of Mine told me 'it's like Bracardi!' - an italian deficient (con rispetto parlando..) and great pianist.. Anyway, as i thought i understood what kind of show it was going to be, i discovered i was totally wrong as Nora took an acoustic guitar and started singing Sunny Shaft: i've been totally enraptured by Her grace, - Her voice is a total call to an higher plan.. She can sings of Fancy Space People deciding that the human race is a parasite, or of the creator of the first rocket engine who received a mere thousand dollars for the invention, - You'll fall in love anyway. - It's different, - or to be more correct, diverse Music, i don't know if She takes seriously each thing She does in Her songs (You can watch/hear in one of videos i filmed when She wants the audience to scream with Her when She cites Jesus or the Devil in Her lyrics), - but that doesn't change She's totally funny, over the Grace, and so fucking talented. The people stood all around Her sitted and hypnotized, - sometimes laughing like hell. - I bought a cdr (i guess it's entitled Unpolished Excerpts), - the sound quality is pretty low, - like if it has recorded on a 4tracks unit, and that's a pity, because Her voice and guitar skills deserve more quality. If She reaches Your town, don't miss Her. She sounds like Coco Rosie's rejected far cousin, kidnapped by the aliens. I hope this Girl will never stop touring and making Music, - i can't image Her behind a desk working 8hrs a day..

* sorry, my own spy digit camera can't take videos longer than 30sec. And, SORRY, my pix are totally crappy.

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not yet, probably nobody cares, or nobody cared enough to tell something. Also: nobody reads komakino.

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