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As in Open Space

(3tx CDR ep, 21'18" - Marsiglia rec 'o7)

 | pall youhideme
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Ep anche da download gratuito (vige la ccmsl), il quintetto genovese, al secondo disco, sciorina un mieloso melenso post-Mogwai in dinamiche soft/loud (loud non troppo), con liricità pregna di archi, a tratti rock sinfonica (Glass), riuscendo anche ad incorniciare la sample in loop di un'intervista a Pasolini all'interno di un ambient sinistro (1859 moustache), per infine concludere con un inaspettato exploit di radice progressiva con qualche gioco vocale (Next 5km), che à moi odora troppo di anni 70 per vincere la mia attenzione. Il talento c'è, personalmente credo manchino di carisma. ps. l'artwork, per quanto su carta lucida, è veramente carino, con una regina orso (ha la corona..) che gira per la città.. [vedi sotto gli mp3]
Even available as free download (via ccmsl), Hermitage are a five pieces from Genova, italy, this is their second release, dishing out some mellow honey-like post-Mogwai music, through soft/loud (but all that loud) dynamics, with a lyrisim strong of violin, sometimes like a rock symphony (Glass), - also able to insert a sample of an interview to Pier Paolo Pasolini, in the middle of a sinister ambient track (1859 moustache), to conclude the suite with an unexpected exploit of progressive roots and vocalism, - frankly it sounsd too much 70s-like to me, to be able to win my attention. They have talent for sure, altough i think they lack in appeal. Last note: the cd artwork is pretty funny: - even if printed on transparent paper, You can see pictures of a queen bear walking through the town, speaking with people..

ƒ˜mp3s (via marsiglia rec) -
.o1. glass
.o2. 1859 (moustache)
.o3. next 5 km
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