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La Belladonna / Karmafuzion


(3+3tx split ep, 21'25" - Arab Sheep rec 'o7)

 | pall youhideme
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In Italia continua a germogliare Musica e sempre meno muffa. Ed ecco che due one-man-band, La Belladonna e Karmafuzion, cioè Gaetano Dimita (già Carne de Res) e Lorenzo Manià, si splittano questo ep sulla indie Arab Sheep records, il primo in veste noise wave, e il secondo sfociando nella elettronica rancida da rave. La Belladonna ha un singolo perfetto, ovvero Time isn't on my Side, un dance-floor pop-noise spettacolare, che mi ricorda nell'umore e assalto alcuni Skywave in auge qlc anno fa, dove il basso distorto è un turbine tra Joy Division e Jesus & Marychain, mentre la voce resta seria e disillusa. Certo il finale dove delira in italiano sul non fare male ai cavalli spezza un pò quell'aria sinistra che aveva creato. E quando pensi di aver inquadrato Dimita, arrivano invece Mirror Mirror che proietta un'ombra punk più lo-fi, urlata quasi alla Offspring, e Bellamerda con un tono sacro e intimista. Karmafuzion è un buon buzzing dj-set, con cavi elettrici lasciati saltare per terra, charm electro schizoide, tra William Orbit e robotica new-wave ad oriente. - L'ep costa 8€, - contattate la Arab Sheep, sentite due preview qui.
Luckly, as well still slowly, things are changing in italy: there's always more new interesting Music and less mediocrity. - And here You are two one-man-bands, La Belladonna and Karmafuzion, aka Gaetano Dimita (formerly with Carne de Res) and Lorenzo Manià, - the first into noise wave, and the latter going through a rancid electronic parenthesis with rave as best habitat. La Belladonna boasts an excellent hit single, that is Time isn't on my Side, a perfect pop-noise number, - it remembers me somehow Skywave, in its assault and grey mood, where the distorted bass line is a slow whirlwind dear to Joy Division as well Jesus & Marychain, while vocals stay calm, disillused and flat. - Oh well, at the end of the song Dimita says something stupid (it is..) in italian, chewed into echo, about violence and horses..- it breaks somehow the sinister air He had previously created. Anyway, if after Time isn't on my Side You think You understood what kind of Music You're going to hear, be sure that Mirror Mirror and Bellamerda will change Your mind, - swinging between a lo-fi yelled punk rock similar to Offspring and a holy satured bass slowdown. - Karmafuzion is a good buzzing dj-set, with live wires whirring on the floor, schizoid electro charm, between William Orbit and robotic new-wave at orient. - This ep costs 8€, so, get in touch with Arab Sheep, or stream a couple of previews here.
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