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a. komakino DOES NOT review everyone and everything: tempus fugit, we are a very small crew, - You will not find here a mailing address to blind send us your stuff: - we have only got time to focus on what/whom we like, so, please, before running into your daily spamming activity, - think twice before getting in touch, - we're not robots, komakino is moved by passion for Music.

we love records, we collect records we love: that means, please, send uniquely original records, - promotional versions are okay, but we accept CDr or digital promos only when it is the official and sole release format.


June, 15th 2014: We - me myself I and folks from komakino fanzine - currently DO NOT ACCEPT records / digital promos.
Hell yeah, we need some day off and we're flooded with discs we still have to review in the next weeks. So, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC: no requests, no links to downloads, nothing, NADA!
Even if you're the new BestEverBandWeWereWaitingFor, at moment we don't give a fuck.
But if you really think you need a bloody koma-review, check this page in a month or two, and if we're ready again for you, you're welcome to drop us a line.
Thank you for your understanding and your good patience.

komakino is mainly about Music, but we love reading as well, - so, books in english and italiano are welcome for reviews. - Same deal, - drop us a few lines about, we'll reply back.

generalmente, anzi praticamente sempre, NON li pubblichiamo: - troppa gente che se la canta e se la suona; però quelli blandamente super autocelebrativi ci aiutano a sorridere, e quelli che ci informano sui Gruppi/Eventi che sono in linea con i contenuti di komakino sono benvenuti e magari se ne parla: quindi mandate pure tutto - accendiamo un cero che ci sia un pò di attinenza con la linea di komakino.

are you coming on tour in Italy? Submit your gigs! We'll help and give exposure as possible, maybe with a live report too; comunicateci le date dei Vostri concerti, - invitateci ai Vostri concerti: se la nostra cup of tea, e siamo in zona, se ne fa volentieri un live report per spargere la voce.

1. You won't be famous thanks to komakino
2. it's not Yr chance to get rich
3. nobody reads komakino
4. point 3 is not true ^_^.

Last update: 2014-06-25

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