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Enon  - Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds
(12tx cd, 35'53" - touch&go 'o7)

Enon - Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds

mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror… Opening track Mirror On You is a total blast, handclapping included, a perfect acid noise pop song to mark Enon's - awaited - return, inctroducing an eclectic album full of lacerating guitars, moog enthusiasm, excellent up-tempo drumming, bass guitar played as a torsion of labyrinths (the synth pedal orgy of Dr. Freeze, Colette), boy/girl partners at vocals, and special numbers of danceable immediacy as Mr. Ratatatatat, Pigeneration, Sabina (Schmersal's hold take hold can't stop echoing in my mind). It's like Enon have been taking the best of Believo experiments and High Society pop hooks, then You have enthralling pieces as Peace of Mind or faster roller coaster in Those Who Don't Blink, - totally percussive (amazing Matt Schultz). Toko Yasuda alternates delicacy to more thrilled sung, She's not girly altough She's emotive and sexy, - John Schmersal is like He knows exactly all secrets to feed an art rock vibe with schizoid rock propulsions (Brainiac are not far). - I long to see Them playing live again..

ƒmp3 (via label):
.o1. Mirror on You
.o3. Dr. Freeze (video, 17mb)


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