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Heroin in Tahiti  - Sun and Violence
(12tx, double vinyl LP disc, Boring Machines 2015)

Heroin in Tahiti - Sun and Violence

Here's Heroin in Tahiti bomb LP. Double vinyl LP disc.
"Inspiration of “Sun And Violence” is Italian folklore and the work of ethnomusicologist Diego Carpitella in Southern Italy during the 50s.": this is something much bigger than my review might ever take, there's too much of conceptual in it. Words are pretty useless, just press play below. 
All I can say is that Valerio Mattioli and Francesco De Figueiredo are two amazing soundcrafters, there is not a faux pas in their respectable discography (their 4th record, in about 4 years so far).  And that Sun and Violence perfectly blends lush psychedelia (Spinalonga), cinematic mantra (Salting Carthago), and orgiastic trance dance (Zatlath Aithas, Continuous Monument). Classy creative and shamanic, electronics, guitars, sampled sounds, all wrapped up in a perfect tracklist. Last but not least, one of my ever favorite indie record label is on it, Boring Machines. So, the point is, Heroin in Tahiti have definitely gained the title of icon with this disc. 
I should start hitting on girls by saying I used to hang out with Valerio when we were teenagers.


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