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Be Forest
Live 15/01/2014, Circolo degli Artisti, Roma, 8 euro
w/ Brothers in Law

Be Forest - Live 15/01/2014, Circolo degli Artisti, Roma, 8 euro

Oh dear, it was already two years since the first time I saw Be Forest performing live in Rome. Tempus fugit. Now they have a new record out, and they are heading to make some gigs around Europe this month. That's really cool for them. They deserve a wider audience.
A couple of nights ago, it was a 2x1 show at Circolo degli Artisti, I mean, Brothers in Law are Be Forest's guitarist Nicola Lampredi's side project (or main? which band came first?), so, they can't have any better partner to share the stage. Both (?) are going to support Slowdive's gig in Padova, next July. I already have my ticket.
They share a similar passion for a minimal drum kit, which consists in snare and a floor tom, played standing up, and a dreampop liquid sound via Jazzmaster,  and Fender Deluxe amps, though, Brothers in Law play the Jesus & Mary Chain vs Diiv card, while Be Forest recently made this outing for The XX with their latest Earthbeat LP. I like that both bands are forging their own sound on these dogma, something good enough to make me forgive the hypster outfit and of Brothers in Law's singer, improbable mustache and leather shoes without socks. The only not genuine thing of them. I also bought their debut disc, Hard times for dreamers. It sounds really good, maybe it lacks of memorable pieces, and it is like they are always going around the same song, but its impact is really impressive. I need more listenings to give a proper feedback. But I did not think twice, and I bought it.
PS. this funny thing.. at the end of their show, Brothers in Law's drummer, Nicola (also powering some tuneful backing vocals) took a photo of the audience, asking everyone one to rise the hand. "UNA FOTINA". No, I do not take fotine. Everybody is weaving their hand, except me and my friend (bottom, left). I am pretty proud of us. Too old for this shit, even when I was 16, to quote Mike Inch. That's so Statler and Waldorf. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, fotina. And no hard feelings for BiL.

Be Forest are now a four-piece. They have this young guy, new member, Lorenzo Badioli, taking care of electronics, keys, laptop and whatever, the antithesis of a hypster, actually: white long shirt dressed, for a moment, we thought he was going to play Per Elisa. Anyway. They joined Brothers in Law on stage for their last song. Lovely. 
Except done for an almost unrecognizable version of Florence, from Cold, and single track Hanged ManBe Forest performed almost all the new tracks from Earthbeat. Costanza Delle Rose - bass and vocals, - she's got a powerful as well breathy voice, sensual and lenitive, - unfortunately, Erica Terenzi - drums and sometimes guitar, - had a very low volume on her mic: both voices mix shades of a common bittersweet feeling. I love that. And I can't still really say if they need electronics. Their two years ago show was pretty more powerful, but, that depends a lot from the venue, too, and last time, it was a really small club. Anyway. No encore, no time for it: venue's strict curfew is half past midnight for live music, and they were longing to start the bloody disco thing. Money talks.
And I do not know if something (good) is really happening in Italy, anyhow, we have these two cool bands, and you should really check them out now.


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