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Nastro  - Terzo mondo
(10tx vinyl - Upsidedown rec 2014)

Nastro - Terzo mondo

Terzo mondo (third world, in italian), third record for the two-piece Nastro, Francesco Petricca and Manuel Cascone from Rome, a limited edition of 200 pieces, going minimal and minimal, like a bigfoot on tip toe, lights off, in a crystal castle: perception gains the status of percussion, a percussive, tribal practice of electronic / analogue sound manipulation, where in the same calderon you get live drums, flutes, synthetizers, bass, broken bottles, a miscellany of satured auditive harshness (Gez), singing birds synaesthetic (Mod), all (almost) fully instrumental. 
On the way of spastic and selfless frenzy of avant-garde. A jungle of fierce diversity, on the verge of psychedelic (or audio psychotropic drug with the intro of Blu). A missing page on UbuWeb.
Their official video for Ast well visually gives a concrete imagery to their sound and crazy brainchild of disharmony, on mono e lo-fi voodoo-ness.
I think you can play this vinyl on 33 as well 45 rpm. Their best record so far, if you allow me.


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