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KSAS  - Hi, Mom!
(8tx CD, 56'30'' - Nasiono rec 2013)

KSAS - Hi, Mom!

KSAS, acronym for Karol Schwarz All Stars, is an ensemble from Gdansk, Poland, run by Karol Schwarz, also head of local music pole Nasiono records, and after SpaceFest!.
Hi, Mom! blends the shimmering intensity of letargic and mellow psychedelic music, stargazing from the milky way of I'm Not Afraid Of Death to the wild awake of the space rock mayem of Letter to
Schwarz duets with Joanna Kuzma (formerly here review for her main project Asia i Koty) on a tip-toe lullaby Simple Happy Song For Christmas, beautifully charming. Not less, the other tracks sung by Joanna are stunning: the claustrophobic absence of gravity of Neurotic and the heart wrenching One Time, both are such so emotionally loaded. Again, One Time is - not for nothing - a Storm in heaven.
From mellifluous to blusterous, Cudy 1 and Cudy 2 are two jumps into the mysticism of space: you may plunge to bed, close your eyes and put these two tracks on repeat. Bon voyage. 
Later they finally get a close up on sitar and dub fog with the track Live in Aurigeno: a perfect haunting last trip before waving goodbye. A symphony of inner bitterness in 8 tracks.


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