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Bemydelay  - Hazy Lights
(9tx vinyl LP, 40'20'' - Boring Machines rec 2013)

Bemydelay - Hazy Lights

I bought this vinyl, a couple of weeks ago. It was simply disarming, blissfully disarming, and since the very first listen. I absolutely wanted it on my turntable.
And, let me confess, I checked twice if it really was Bemydelay, since, I remembered her previous (debut) record to be a resonant psychedelic sound-jewel, feeding and focusing over the recurring cycles of audio loops and delay pedals, for instruments and vocals. Black magic. I must say that her amazing voice I am hearing here right now, it did not pop up out so properly from ToTheOtherSide∆ LP. I am happy she has digged deep into the fertile spectrum of her music nature.
So, here we go, it is really Marcella Riccardi, aka Bemydelay
Probably, years and years of self-inducing hypnosis through her electric guitar drove up to surface her most inner-self, in a measure which tickles alternative folk facets of Beth Gibbons, Sybille Baier, and Mojave 3. More in solitary than before.
Bless thee leaves you speechless. Acoustic folk guitar on tip toe. Soft music arrangements. The mesmeric touch of tiny bells. And her poignant voice. All the tracklist walks along the boundaries of a tragic stillness, since the very first verse of I feared the fury of my wind to each minimal, nude riff which follows. Like, Ocean Drive is one more soave slow-motion dance into the magic of an enchanting monotony, which cradles you into a now established intimacy, it goes dramatic, and cherishes you with more bitter lullabies, until the final vertigo of tragedy of Farewell love and Motteto della sera d'aprile (sung in italian, gently). Definitely a good record.


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