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Black hearted brother
Neil Halstead, Mark Van Hoen, Nick Holten
You may heard of them

Black hearted brother - Neil Halstead, Mark Van Hoen, Nick Holten

Yeah, I am one of those saying 'if My Bloody Valentine did it, why the hell Slowdive did not yet?'. Anyway, no, Slowdive haven't done it, yet. A reunion, okay?
But this new project for Neil Halstead, with excellent Mark Van Hoen (Seefeel, people!) and Nick Holten (Holton's Opulent Oog) is simply exciting and full of promises. One track preview only, by now. I am expecting more. 
"Taken from the album "Stars Are Our Home." Out Oct 21/22 on Slumberland Records (US) and Sonic Cathedral (UK)"
Not Slowdive, but, f*ck, I love this space rock thing. Enjoy.

"'The idea was to just make a record that was in some ways "unedited",' Halstead continues. 'To not worry about a particular sound or style, but to just go with the flow. We all make quite focused records individually so, as Mark says, it's our "guilty pleasures" album.' That seems about right, except with "Stars Are Our Home," the outcome is no guilt, all pleasure." [via]


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