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The Co-op  - The fall came too soon
(10tx CD, 52'' - The unsayable music, ASCAP 2013)

The Co-op - The fall came too soon

Crafted like a soundbox of subtle lullabies with minimalistic nerve, The fall came too soon is The Co-op's debut release, trio homebased in Berkeley, CA, seeing ex Rosa Mota Sacha Galvagna, with Jennifer Harper and Caroline Penwarden. 
Three voices interlacing slow-paced melodies, shaped on gentle guitar loops, piano and keys with tints of electronica. 
An intimacy spacing along the boundaries of delicacy and romance.
After a short instrumental intro, the bucolic acoustic riff of Roses will cradle you like a baby. And the kiss goodnight is soon brought to you by the cyclic spirals of Wooden sticks (it strongly makes want to listen again to Horsepower). I might learn to sleep to that.
Later, while dreaming, the shadows dance of Anton's Birthday Party will make float red balloons. Celebrate your rest.
The good sleep, cherished by gentle tunes and voices, will be broken quietly at the first dawn lights by the birds singing of While the Town Sleeps.
"Don't say no" (She means no), you must get out of bed. Just kidding, stay there, and keep listen to the last two tracks: pure hypnagogic bliss, disarming beauty. Soulful.


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