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The Observer Goth Colouring Book
The Fun goth colouring book

The Observer Goth Colouring Book - The Fun goth colouring book

I was re-listening to Bauhaus' Mask record yesterday morning.. after years, it was ages I did not. I still love this Band. I think they were misunderrated, especially Daniel Ash's experimentalism on his guitar. And Kevin Haskins was a hell of a drummer. A human metronome. Not for nothing they later formed Tones of Tail and Love and Rockets (also joined by David J (aka David John Haskins, yeah, Kevin and him, brothers). I always believed there was a kind of hidden irony behind Bauhaus (not less on Mask' artwork, by Ash). Black humour. And yes, this fictional colouring book would fit perfectly as inside sleeve for Mask.

Last but not least.. let's spend 10 minutes upsidedown, okay?


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