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Marvin  - Barry
(9tx CD, 35'26'' - Africantape 2013)

Marvin - Barry

Marvin Gaye and Barry White? I love Marvin french trio's humour for titles, they know how to give you a healthy laugh, and not less how to make move your ass with a fuzzy hyper-beat-loaded song. I only keep my reserves for the occasional abuse of vocoder. Fuck you vocoder!
You know, my workmates, somehow, hate me. Because I'm constantly tapping my feet on the floor, and so do my fingers on desk. I can't help it. I overdosed my nervous system with Music for over 30 years. And Marvin - for sure - are not assuring the quiet life of my office.
Even because they have this amazing drummer, Grťgoire Bredel.. hey Satan, can you hear me? I might consider selling my soul to play drums like this guy. Can we get a deal?
Anyway. In this new record they measure the basic and acid chemicals of funky electro-punk heart-attacks, feeding the virus with the above mentioned frenzy of the rhythm section, synth and tortuous guitar play. Math rock versus funky prog, that crazy. Giorgio Morricone is an example.
Differently, what follows, As noisy as possible, is a sick hit track with an indie noise rock hook, and thanks god, no vocoder. A success of 2'42''. Then, album's title track, Barry, swings over a synthetizer attack, shooting his bullets again the six string. Some happy dancers my fall down under this friendly fire. Simply gorgeous. And yes, I'm tapping my feet again.
The Dark Sheep and Un Chien en Hiver are flaming hell. And the pace does not get any slower with We won't get fooled again anymore.
The last trip comes with Jey Ferson. 6 minutes madness. Almost epic. Again, Satan, where are you?

And not less, a bonus, their cover of Girl you want,


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