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Gum  - Seventeen EP
(5tx CD, Tiny Lights rec 2012)

Gum - Seventeen EP

My Bloody Valentine here and My Bloody Valentine there. Or Astrobrite's Crush, if we want to consider a more poppy destructive boundary.
Once said that, we can go on, have a life, and write here that Gum - four piece home based in London, - are genuinely outbursting dreampop with this EP, debut released some months ago on DIY rec label Tiny Lights.
I just bought this record. You, be ready for the sick sound of our friend the Big Muff bending and bringing out the acid of the six-string, running with flaming drums and boy/girl vocals (con)fused together. I love that.
Where Fast is imho the leading single here - I am playing it over and over -, pieces like Silver, Anna Sang & Alison, these are pure fuzz & reverb pedal delight, sweet and sour eargasm.
The whole EP is honestly lo-fi, at its finest limits, - no over sound production, I appreciate this kind of honesty of sounds.
So Gum, are you recording anything new? Long to hear a whole album done.

And yes, I have a crush for the drummer, too.


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