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Live 1996, Minneapolis @ Whole club
Full show on youtube

Swirlies - Live 1996, Minneapolis @ Whole club

Swirlies are one of my favorite Bands. I like to consider them as the american cousins of MBV (actually, mr. Shields is NY native), a sort of non-trascendental genetic variant, genuinely bending the strings of their Jazzmaster and Jaguar Fenders, differently affected by korg synths.
They're still on the road, though, not with a new record since.. 2009? They are going on tour next July with Kurt Vile, I would LOVE to see them here in Europe, at least for once in a lifetime.
When I was a teen, I remember that only a few I knew like them. The same owner of the record shop where I used to buy my drugs (aka CDs, vinyls) totally dislike them, and when I asked him the price of their EP What to do about them, he sniffed at it and told "do you really like them? I ordered a few copies because there was a good review on ***, but, fuck, it's trash, nobody will buy it: it's on me, take it". So underrated. But, thank you for the free CD. Just a last note, before the jump: most of their discography is available to download on their official website.

On this set, in front of a few folks, suddenly (to me) popped out from nothing on youtube, do not miss Jeremy Parker, Wrong Tube, In Her Many New Found Freedom, Sounds of Sebrings. Enjoy.


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