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The Hogweed And The Aderyn  - II
(6tx CD, Wounded Wolf Press rec 2013)

The Hogweed And The Aderyn - II

This Turkish folk duo from UK is probably my favorite discovery this year so far.
Guitars, ukuleles, humming keys, glockenspiel, percussions, flutes, - truly a narrative sound masterpiece, - interlacing with the enchant of female vocals.. utterly eerie and blissfully enthralling. 
Gözde Omay and Atay İlgün found their own formula in timeless folkloric textures and memsmeric chants: after the shining dreamcatcher intro, Ije Before Time grabs your hands and drift you into a labyrinth of sound, guided by the breathy voice of Gözde, - you may start slow dancing like in a rapture; later, the pace gets slower, yet with a richer sound spectrung through the long daydreaming leap of Le Goût De L'infini.
The Minstrel Prince is another step into their magic, jump on the carpet and fly through another dream. Simply gorgeous. Chasing Nightingales leads you through a secret garden where birds are singing and you get stoned by the light of a different new Sun, and the last short outro - Daily Life In An Aviary - will find you turned in a reborn singing bird. An EP full of beautiful magic.
Worth a note also the luxury packaging here.

Don't forget to listen also the former EP, - if wrapped together they would make a perfect LP, folk shoegaze-tinted.


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