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Matthew Collings  - Splintered Instruments
(6tx CD, 36'30'' - Fluid Audio rec 2013)

Matthew Collings - Splintered Instruments

From Edinburgh, Scotland, debut and solo record for Matthew Colling, rocking a cradle of collapsing sounds, fragmented and textural beats, often fed with intense crescendo. These are hymns of self-elevation. Sort of violence of frailty, embracing together sick ambients and alternative shapes of the song-formula, with hypnotic vocals. A cascading rainstorm of broken glass.
Produced and engineered by Ben Frost, - you can find in Vasilia (where he plays synth and piano) a pure ecstatic acid bathing, while Womb Worship51 is dramatically enthralling, electronically sature. I Amness is pure adrenaline in its finale: burning and flaming. Such so poetic. And ambitious.
Think Efterklang, Uzi and Ari, and Gowns.
A last note for collectors: Splintered Instruments comes as a limited edition run of 200 hand made letter pressed CD's.

Elysia - Matthew Collings - Preview from matt collings on Vimeo.


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