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Dedo  - RMX 2006-2012
(8tx CDr, 48'19'' - Self-released, 2012)

Dedo - RMX 2006-2012

Stefano Panzera, aka Dedo, opens up his drawer, and finds back eight remixes made between 2006 and 2012 for some electronic/shoegaze bands from the italian indie (non)scene, from port-royal to Il Cielo di Bagdad.
So He put them online for free download last week, and he also set to release them in a limited edition CD, wrapped in a special thin aluminium box (Stefano is not new to fancy ideas of packaging): the result is a about 50 minutes of downtempo beats-driven ambients, chilled-out reloaded tunes, where synths keys go gloomy like The Cure, and the basic-acid bath of guitar soundscapes tease the throwback of 90s blissed-out pop instrumentals.
The only track with vocals is provided by the remix of Go Dugong - White Sun, - where Giulio Fonseca gets the paradox of a relaxed boost of a thrilling rapture of electronic beats and overflowing, swirling melodies.
The hand of Dedo on these tracks is peculiar of his own style, a sort of appendix, in line and constant with his original works. Go and grab it.


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   Jamie W:

This is one of my favourite albums of 2012, an inspiring mix of tunes which would stand alone on any of the artists albums that have been remixed here, and in my humble opinion surpass some of the original efforts, which is in no way a disrespect to anyone just the fact that dedo has come up with some beautiful tunes of his own through his own unique musical talent of the remix.

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