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Shana Falana  - In The Light
(6tx CD, 27'56'' - Self-prod. 2012)

Shana Falana - In The Light

"From Brooklyn’s vast shoegaze scene", they write in their bio. Like if this two-piece - Shana Falana (guitars, vocals, keys and loops) and Michael Amari (drums and keys) - was part of something bigger. It may be, actually. I don't care, I'm writing this review after a couple of listenings to their EP - their third release, - which is simply fucking awesome.
Just to draw a couple of instant coordinates, I'd cite Mahogany's love for neo-classic string partitures, and Lush's mournful joy of making great bittersweet Music, and, also Ian Masters' Pale Saints.
Let's start from the very end of the tracklist: when You play Yea Yeah, it makes you want to stand up and sing along all those yea yeah's. And then, start clapping, and, encore!, please.
Let's jump back to the first track, then: Dizzy Chant. Girl chants, seraphic and ecstatic, psych guitar solo on reverse (I think), a wide spectrum of sounds swallowed into reverb and delay pedal's magic, New Order-esque bass line, the sound of the drum is calling the sound of the drum has called, - a fully mesmeric cut, ecstasy coming from sound saturation.
Then, Light The Fire, Tragic (its finale is simply GREAT), In the Light, U.R. Everything, - these pieces are simply enthralling, able to elevate your spirit to renewed 4AD levels. Bliss-out pop, soul bitterness, a fucking awesome EP.
I love it. Go and buy this (self-produced/released) record.
Stop, I meant, BUY* all of their discography, right now! its price is up to you!

*I've got this promo, and I've been more than happy to buy the former two digital records!


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