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Alberto Boccardi  - s/t
(5tx CD, 27'48'' - Fratto9 under the sky rec 2012)

Alberto Boccardi - s/t

Chill downtempo with shoegazing shores, chilling and buzzing day-dreaming soundscore.
You'll find yourself laying on this green hill, where Alberto Boccardi, - digipack inside photo - is desperatly still looking for his contact lenses, lost somewhere in the grass.
Haha, yes, I am so funny.
Again, back to my review.
Field recordings, electronics, six string distortions, this is a pretty inspired record, merging suffused glitch ambients and evocative analogue synth patterns (Unexpected Places, We Saw).
A solo debut where Boccardi is also able to draw a certain more glossy and elegant cut each time his multilayered drone minimalism guests Cinzia Delorenzi's vocals, subtle and seducing in her coldness.
Also, the haunting sax phrasing over the sound manipulation of Clocking the Time places this record on a music niche plan for experimental music estimators. Fuzzy and cracked in several different ways, a glass of red wine at your favorite bookstore. For fans of Kranky and Boring Machines (and Fratto9, of course).


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