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The Pharmacy  - Stoned & alone
(13tx CD, 29'41'' - Seayou records 2012)

The Pharmacy - Stoned & alone

Fourth album, friends, 4th album, - where have I been all this time? I totally ignored these four guys from Seattle, until one month ago. Let's thank Seayou records, then.
Think a sort of alternative poppy version of Tame Impala (Pines) vs. Supergrass, fuzzy garage punk, rancid joyfulness of vintage/retro touch. Drums, keys on fire (often leading), guitars, bass, satured mics. Never sober, always over the line. Songs exceeding 3 minutes just in one case.
Pieces like Chinese Finger Trap and Josephine have killer romp refrains. While a Beatles-esque blow echoes on Sure (instant charm) and the infectious Your Eyes. They are that kind of Band able to catch out a melody from the cacophonous matter. A constant, genuine groove fed with melancholic ballads and quicker dynamics. I'm sure they give their best performing live. At your birthday party, maybe.


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On tour in Europe

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