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Airiel  - Kid games
(4tx LP, Shelflife rec 2012)

Airiel - Kid games

There was a track by Airiel, still one of my favorite pieces so far: Firefly.
I have a kind of addiction to the track: sort of perfect match point between Cocteau Twins and Mahogany. Guest vocals by Stella Tran: what a seraphic thing. Then, with full length record The Battle of Sealand (2007), they took a different rock-oriented turn. Anyway.
I just found out that last May they released a new EP featuring again Stella Tran's magic: now, that's my cup of tea. Celestial and trascendental, smooth and sensual: You against the rest of us and Flashlight Tag will make the day of fans of M83 and Swervedriver, topped with boy/girl vocals.

Airiel - Kid Games
by shelflife


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