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Ufomammut  - ORO: Opus Alter
(5tx CD, LP 42'55'' - Neurot, Supernatural Cat rec 2012)

Ufomammut - ORO: Opus Alter

I was wondering if doing it or less, I'm doing it: I'm tagging Ufomammut space-stoner, this time. Psychic and muscular, epically blasting. Sludge tempos. Fuzz over down-tuned fuzz, heavy as well slow power chords.
This is their second release for Neurot rec, one more time helped out by mr. Lorenzo Stecconi (Lento). The whole record keeps a slow pace of an immense specific gravity. A few esoteric (male) chants (Luxon), and then, the listerner is statically rushed out into a dimension of magic and hell, through the visionary shores of doom metal. While Sulphurdew is punctuated by syncopated guitar and bass distortion, culminating in a psychedelic backbeat, Sublime misleads you with an ecstatic soundscape for about 4 minutes before revealing the tsunami which is growing and going to surprise you at your back: then it's percussive invasion, one more quiet train, and then You can watch the hell of Deityrant, fading out with analogue synth and the sampled question what is that?..
Over 40 minutes of cosmic mysticism digged into puissance of heavy dynamics.


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