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Shelley Short  - Then Came the After
(12tx CD, 33'36'' - Africantape rec 2011)

Shelley Short - Then Came the After

That minute, nice young girl which sits next to you in a metro wagon makes You think of a debutting Regina Spektor, maybe Lonely Drifter Karen, Sol Seppy (where is she now?), Julie Doiron, Sibylle Baier: just some physical coincidence here and there on her face and haircut, - well, here, - sound affinities, - and You end up lost in love with her smile in a second. With her songs. Whatever.
This record is that kind of fortuitous encounter: loaded with disarming beauty (Right Away), a clean face, radious vibrations, young soul.
From Portland (hey, again, this town gives the best), Shelley Short.
Lovely tunes, romantic, carefree melodies and ballads (The Dark Side), not that carefree, actually, but enough of that carefree to make you smile too. Voice and guitar lead to folk shores (Caravan, June). Not only. Also Electricity.
Minimal drums here and there, also. Enriched with gentle rhythmic arrangements. A piece like In the Net is simply luminously catchy. Electricity has to be played in a rainy day.
It starts with the lonely liaison of To Carry / Right Away and it ends in bitterness with Laugh the Dust. We definitely need those lucky moments in the underground.
Buy it here. Previous releases, @ Hush records, also check her Daytrotter session here.


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