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Nebojsa Cvetkovic
Thats for using Comic Sans

Nebojsa Cvetkovic - Thats for using Comic Sans

"The Boston Phoenix reported on disgruntlement over the widespread use of the font, especially its incongruous use for writing on serious subjects, with the complaints focused around a campaign started by two Indianapolis graphic designers, Dave and Holly Combs, via their website "Ban Comic Sans".[5] The movement was conceived in the autumn of 1999 by the two designers, after an employer insisted that one of them use Comic Sans in a children's museum exhibit,[3] and in early 2009, the movement was "stronger now than ever".[3] The web site's main argument is that a typeface should match the tone of its text, and that the irreverence of Comic Sans is often at odds with a serious message, such as a "do not enter" sign.[6]" [>wiki]

Her works are pretty inspiring, again.


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