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Be Forest
Live 23/11/11, Roma, Mainstreaming c/o Le Mura
Ingr. 5 euro

Be Forest - Live 23/11/11, Roma, Mainstreaming c/o Le Mura

I love this three piece from Pesaro, Italy. And we already spent here words to tell you that. They deserve it.
Last week They finally hit Rome, for a show which took place in the main universitary district, San Lorenzo, a small club, - Le Mura, a night settled by Mainstreaming/Fusolab, ideal frame for their performance, started a quarter past 11.
Two girls, one guy: this is not a porn threesome, unless you turn on also with shoegaze, new wave, post punk. No laptop, no synth, just chorus efx galore on bass, reverb on guitar, minimal drum kit, played standing up. So, our porn.
Now that I wrote porn three times, this fanzine should get a boost of visits, - thank you google, - and so Be Forest, hopefully.
They performed most of tracks from their brilliant debut record, Cold (2011, We Were Never Being Bored records), - for sure one of my favorites this year, - plus a new song (see below) and a cover from Japandroids, I quit girls, - a lovely mellow version indeed, with Costanza Delle Rose and Erica Terenzi twinning vocals.  Actually, on their album there are no credit notes, so I could not image Erica and Costanza in doing such a lot of vocal interplay, with Erica (drums) and Nicola Lampredi (guitar) also exchanging instruments between songs. Costanza's voice plays on a special plain of delicacy, while Erica's is slightly more grave, a different tone of melancholy I particularly appreciate. These guys are young, and they're doing fine.
Wild Brain, Florence - two of many reasons to be that night. And I won't add any bullshit about gazing at their shoes, so oh please, buy their record. I already got mine, so I took a tshirt.
The audience, enough people, looked pretty into the thing, although cold like stones until each track would be over. We demanded for an encore, and we got it.
I'm too curious to hear their next recordings.


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