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Be Forest  - Cold
(9tx CD, 30'49'' - We Were Never Being Boring 2011)

Be Forest - Cold

Oh god, I'm so happy: a fucking good shoegazing band, female fronted, and they're from ITALY! It was ages I was waiting to see if also in Italy this could ever happen. And here we are now, successfully.
We Were Never Being Boring, booking agency and record label, has always had good taste for indie-pop, twee-pop Music, - and this time they definitely got the point, going beyond.
From Pesaro, Italy, three piece, they bath into precise notes of guitar reverb (Nicola Lempredi), chorus pedals, minimal drumkit (Erica Terenzi, - I guess it's just floor tom, bass drum, snare and crash), enriched with an excellent 80s-like sound production, - but let me say it's not revival, their vibe is genuine.
Tracks like Florence (lead vocals by Erica), frankly a hit, the love-song shaped refrain of Dust, the seducing as well possessing tempo of Your Specters, the opening of Wild Brain, - too bright to be tagged gothic, yet, the lush and atmospheric melodies of their songs are liquid and celestial, where, Costanza delle Rose (bass, vocals) with a seraphic whisper is able to be the icing on the cake.
So, think Echo & The Bunnymen, The Danse Society, Heavenly, The Cure (The Thrill), The Jesus & Mary Chain (Blind Boy's drums beat) and more recent meat, Thrushes, The Organ, - I told You, this record, debut record, is excellent. Limited edition of 500 copies, don't miss it!

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Oh dèi, come sono felice: una band shoegaze fottutamente buona, e guidata da una ragazza! E sono italiani! No, perchè, quante altre generazioni dovevano passare perchè accadesse una cosa simile in Italia? Ed è avvenuto con successo.
La We Were Never Being Boring, booking agency e record label, ha sempre avuto buon gusto per la Musica di matrice indie-pop, twee-pop, - e questa volte hanno fatto definitivamente centro, andando oltre.
Da Pesaro, in tre, si bagnano di precise note di chitarra elettrica in riverbero (Nicola Lempredi), pedali chorus, drumkit minimale (Erica Terenzi, - suppongo si tratti esclusivamente di timpano, cassa, rullante e crash), il tutto arricchito da una produzione dei suoni molto 80s, - ma questo con la convinzione che non sia revival, tanto genuino ne è il vibe.
Tracce quali Florence (lead vocals by Erica), - francamente una hit, - il ritornello forgiato a love-song di Dust, e il seducente quanto posseduto tempo di Your Specter, nonchè l'apertura di Wild Brain, - sono pezzi troppo luminosi per essere gotici, ma quella è la lussureggiante atmosfera delle melodie, liquide e celestiali, dove Costanza Delle Rose (basso e cantato) con un filo di voce serafica, è capace di essere l'elemento ciliegia sulla torta. Fine pasticceria, direi.
Allora, pensate a Echo & The Bunnymen, The Danse Society, Heavenly, The Cure (The Thrill), The Jesus & Mary Chain (Blind Boy ha quel beat inconfondibile) e carne più recente, quali Thrushes, The Organ, - insomma, Ve l'ho detto, questo disco, ed è un debutto, è ottimo.
Edizione limitata di 500 copie, non perdetevi la Vostra.


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   Pall youhidemeOpen new window:

Well, Stephen, actually, in our minor selfish country, lately, they're getting some good exposure (webzines, gigs, festivals, youtube), and more than everything, they're having some also abroad, - but it's never enough! I love them. Thanks for stopping by here

 (17/01/2013 12:14:00 - ip: 89.97....)

   Stephen FrostOpen new window:

it took me forever to find anyone writing about this group--great job. love the sound, simple but somehow lush, i didn't realize THIS is what shoegazing was. thanks!

 (16/01/2013 23:05:00 - ip: 12.206...)


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