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Betika  - Halflove
(14tx cd, 46'o5" - pawthorn rec 'o6)

Betika - Halflove

It was years i didn't year news from death-pop group Betika [read past komareview for Heads Smashed in by the Boy/Girl Thing], an amazing Band from Bournemouth, United Kingdom, leaden by Dave Purse and Carolyn Evans, devoted to an exquisit pop perfectionism. Halflove collects lots of new (and renewed) gems, running through a timeless path of twee (Supersub guitars), with lounge 60s shadows (Girlshaped), excerpts of hip-hop electronica, new-wave, from delicacy of sweet Love let me not hunger - the soft touch of Thunderstorm - to quicker numbers as Bob Hope as well as Volkspiotr - a perfect hit with a light symphonic hint. Betika's new partitures are now richer than minimal approach of previous madrigals of Heads Smashed.. - Halflove is a renewed oxygen dose (Twenty-five is worthy the whole album), - the boy/girls vocals completly fascinate me, also with Their quirky flood of lyrics. - Warmly suggested to fans of Pulp, The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields, Creation rec.
Betika - Halflove - (14tx cd, 46'o5" - pawthorn rec 'o6) - Erano anni che non avevo news dal death-pop group Betika [leggi vecchia komarecensio per Heads Smashed in by the Boy/Girl Thing], una sorprendente Band da Bournemouth, UK, guidata da Dave Purse e Carolyn Evans, devoti ad uno squisito perfezionismo pop. Halflove colleziona molte nuove (ed ex-novo) gemme, a correre un percorso senza tempo di twee (le chitarre di Supersub), con ombre di lounge 60s (Girlshaped), estratti elettronica hip-hop, new-wave, dalla delicatezza della dolce Love let me not hunger - il tocco soft di Thunderstorm - sino ai numeri più veloci di Bob Hope, come anche Volkspiotr - un perfetto hit con un leggero accenno sinfonico. Le nuove partiture dei Betika sono ora più ricche dell'approccio minimale da madrigale del precedente Heads Smashed.. - Halflove è una rinnovata dose di ossigeno (Twenty-five da sola merita l'intero album), - il cantato boy/girl esercita un certo fascino su di me, - come anche l'ondata bizzarra dei loro testi. - Album particolarmente suggerito a fan di Pulp, The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields, Creation rec.

ƒ˜mp3s (via website):
.Girlshaped (acoustic version, internet feature)


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