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Tame Impala

25/08 sestri levante @ ex convento anunziata baia del silenzio
26/08 roma @ ippodromo delle capannelle
28/08 verona @ teatro romano

Josh T Pearson
[Ex Lift To Experience]

30/10 roma @ monk
31/10 firenze @ spazio alfieri
01/11 padova @ chiesa del crocifisso
02/11 ravenna @ bronson

Her Name Is Calla

28/10 seregno (mi) @ honky tonky

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine

31/08 milano @ legend club (ex Legend 54)

Corrina Repp
[US, discolexique]

09/10 Trento @ Bookique
10/10 Gorizia @ Osteria dell'Alchimista
11/10 Varese @ Twiggy Club

Miles Cooper Seaton
[USA - Akron Family]

04/07 Padova @ Just Like Heaven Festival, Anfiteatro del Venda
11/07 Verona @ Balera Veronetta
26/07 Roma @ Monk Club
30/07 Reggio Calabria @ Spazio Lupardine, Islands
02/08 Mirto (Me), Mirto Rock
17/09 Torino, dj set

The Handsome Family

10/10 milano @ il maglio
12/10 madonna dell'albero (ra) @ bronson

Be Forest

11/08 marina di ravenna @ hana bi Spiaggia 72w/ Dizzyride
18/09 Parareit (PN) @ September Fest 2015

[UK - legende! ndk]

13/11 roma @ traffic - ingresso 15,00 euro riservato ai soci info e prevendite
14/11 bologna @ freakout, ingresso 15,00 euro riservato ai soci ACSI info e prevendite


28/08 torino @ spazio 211 w/ TV on the Radio, Murcof, Eskmo, Lapalux, Portico, Gondwana, Ryoji Ikeda
01/09 prato @ piazza duomo
02/09 roma @ ippodromo delle capannelle
03/09 treviso @ home festival w/ FFS , Aucan, M+A

Shannon Wright
[USA - mitica! ndk]

09/09 torino @ blah blah
11/09 roma @ traffic live
12/09 bologna @ freak out
13/09 padova @ anfiteatro del venda


18/08 brescia @ festa radio onda d'urto
11/12 roma @ traffic

U.S. Girls

16/10 bologna @ Covo Club

[Mexico / The Leaf Label]

15/07 Catania @ Castello Ursino nel progetto speciale "Etna: A Portrait" (con visuals di Manu Ros)
28/08 Torino @ TOdays Festival, Museo Ettore Fico, feat. Ozmotic


20/10 bologna @ antoniano

Bad Religion

In tour w/ The Interrupters

02/09 trezzo sull'adda (mi) @ live club
03/09 bologna @ estragon

[RS, Numavi rec]

18/09 Verona @ Nano - L'utile superfluo


30/09 bologna @ locomotiv
01/08 milano @ leoncavallo

A place to bury strangers

30/10 legnano (mi) @ circolone, ingresso 15,00 euro + d.p., w/ Grooms

Karma To Burn

11/08 Giavera del Montello @ Benicio Live Gigs


Opening act: Atlas Sound

12/11 milano @ circolo magnolia
13/11 ravenna @ bronson


25/08 sesto san giovanni (mi) @ carroponte - v. granelli 1
19/09 roma @ acrobax - Via della Vasca Navale, 6


29/10 bologna @ locomotiv
30/10 mezzago (mi) @ bloom


18/08 cesena @ rocca malatestiana

Girls Names
[Irlanda del Nord]

03/11 roma @ le mura, ingresso 10 euro
04/11 carpi (mo) @ mattatoio, ingresso 8 euro
05/11 genova @ teatro altrove, ingresso 10 euro
06/11 padova @ circolo mame, ingresso 10 euro

Public Image Ltd.

10/10 marghera (ve) @ cso rivolta
11/10 milano @ magazzini generali

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

30/08 brescia @ latteria artiginale molloy
31/08 faenza @ piazza nelli, molinella

Ryley Walker
[US, Dead Oceans]

17/09 Marina di Ravenna @ Hana-Bi (con band)
18/09 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti (solo)

The Warlocks

04/09 brescia @ latteria molloy w/ Brahma-Loka
05/09 marina di ravenna (ra) @ hana-bi

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

13/11 venaria reale (to) @ teatro concordia
14/11 marghera (ve) @ centro sociale rivolta
15/11 roma @ atlantico

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2 settembre 2015
Todays headlines:
175 min agoSleep Good - X [Varie]
440 min agoCollisions - Masses & Sea Motions [Varie]
2 SEP mercoledì 16:01
{ posted by: pall youhideme}

Sleep Good
official video

X is the first track from Sleep Good's Dream Dealer LP, a splendid record I had the good tast to pre-order, and I am currently waiting to get it straight in my mailbox (wait, it won't fit). Enjoy its magic.

Now press play below.

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2 SEP mercoledì 11:36
{ posted by: pall youhideme}

Masses & Sea Motions
a Music Film and a Digital Single Release

"Collisions is a cybernetic utopia became real with a unique interactive computer music technology created by Leonello Tarabella (saxophonist and computer music researcher at the National Council of Research in Italy), combined with the organic and versatile drumming of Alessandro Baris (musician and composer known for his works and collaborations with L’Altra, The Somnambulist, Caboto)."
Taking their name after "the opposition between the advance technology of Tarabella and the primordial sound of Baris’ drums", this music short film goes from sunset to twilight, exactly embracing the lush, synthetic melodies weaved by Tarabella's hands over a futuristic sound device, fusing with the metronome geometry capitalized by Baris. Tarabella moves as a orchestra scientist and musician at the same time. Developed by Tarabella himself, his device consists of two gesture recognition systems, Palm Driver and Handel, an "interactive computer music performance by controlling sound processing and sound synthesis programs both affecting melody, timber or effects" (more details after the jump).
Brilliantly shot in the suggestive Theatre of Silence in Tuscany, if you got tired watching over and over Pink Floyd 1975 Live in Pompei, that's definitely your cup of tea. Or, simply, if you dig flying drones and good instrumental, filmic music. Buy it here.

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1 SEP martedì 15:14
{ posted by: federico immigrato e rifugiato}

Ferenc Karinthy  - Epepe
(2015, pp. 217 - 18 euro Adelphi)

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1 SEP martedì 11:50
{ posted by: pall youhideme}

How recording sessions turn into exposing seas
A chat with Anna, Rachel and Casey.

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